About The Amazons

The Amazons are a women’s rugby club based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

The Zons field teams to play in two different leagues, play matches locally and nationally, and welcome players of all levels of experience!

Leagues the Zons are a part of:

Division 2 Women’s League, all season matches are within driving distance and only a few trips include and overnight (usually the Friday before).  D2 culminates into division, region, and national championships.

Women’s Premier League, all season matches are played against teams around the country. The WPL is the highest level of domestic rugby in the country, so costs are higher, but competition is also higher. WPL culminates in a national championship tournament seeded by league play throughout the season.

All Amazons practice together and are coached by the same head coach throughout the season giving young/new players the opportunity to learn from their teammates.

The Zons are also active in the rugby community, many players are involved in coaching high school and collegiate teams as well as youth programs.