How to Donate

We are a 501(c)3 organization through the US Rugby Foundation, therefore, when you give to the Zons, the government lets you right it off on your taxes! To get the benefit of this donate using one of these two ways:

1) Print out the form and send it and your check to Kim O’Brien

This way you will get your thank you gift the fastest and we will be able to keep track of donation amounts most efficiently.

Write check out to the USRFF


2393 Pleasantview Drive

New Brighton, MN 55112

Download Print Version

2) Go to the USRFF website and donate using a card

a) Follow the link to the USRFF donation page and fill out the form, be sure to write in Twin Cities Amazons Women’s Rugby after choosing Other under the donation to options in the middle of the form. It should look like this:

Important: If you do not specify that the money goes to the Twin Cities Amazons, we will NOT get the donation.
b) After completing the form, please email Kim O’Brien — — with the amount and your contact information so that we can send you your thank you gift! The USRFF does not notify us when someone makes a donation, so if you not complete this step, we will not know who has donated to us and won’t be able to properly thank you!

Link to online version of the form