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The Amazon Sponsor Program

The Amazons have a loyal and ever growing fan base and support system, made up of alumni and community followers.  We’re looking forward to writing the next chapter of Amazon history filled with new achievements and success! As the season kicks off for us as a team, we are starting a new program to help bring the Zons up to a new level as a club. While we have been working hard on the pitch to get better as a team, we continue to need more help as a club to cover expenses. In the last year, the Zons have doubled in size with the addition of the Division 2 squad. This brings us lots of new teammates and talent, but also more financial burden.

The Amazons have always been about raising the level of rugby, we work hard, train hard, and make a lot of sacrifices financially to play the game that we love. The Amazon Sponsorship Program is your chance to contribute to the team and raise our chances of success!

There are levels on contribution for everyone, and every little bit helps! Money raised by the sponsor program goes to help the Zons pay for team travel, practice space, and match/tournament fees.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone can participate in our favorite sport regardless of their income level. One day we hope to have enough sustained sponsorship/fundraising money to allow all of our players to play top level rugby at little to no cost personally.  Being able to get our best players to the match helps us bring home more wins and continue to raise the level of rugby for our club and in our league.

Join the Orange and Blue Nation as an Amazon Sponsor!

Sponsorship Levels:

White Members: Twin Cities Amazon Rugby

White Level

Thank you gift: Amazon Proud Sponsor Sticker, and name on our sponsor page online as well as a thank you on Facebook!


Blue Members:
Linda Morrison

Blue Level

Thank you gift: White level gifts + Amazon Travel Mug


Orange Members:
Heidi Burk

Orange Level

Thank you gift: Blue level gifts + Amazon Travel Blanket


Leopard Members:
Angie Gaare, Patty Hellen,
Kim O’Brien

Leopard Level

Thank you gift: Orange level gifts + Amazon Travel Chair

Corporate Sponsors: $200+

Corporate sonsors are a part of our annual golf tournament fundraiser. Please contact Amazon Rugby for more details.

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Join the Orange and Blue Nation as an Amazon Sponsor!